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Colombia | Jairo Arcila

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Grown by Jairo Arcila at Finca Santa Monica, this coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to select the ripest cherries. The microlot was processed by Cofinet at La Pradera Washing station, a facility focused on experimentation with varietals and hybrids achieving unique and interesting flavour profiles. The cherries were exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 18 hours before being pulped. The beans were then sundried on raised beds to optimum moisture level with mucilage on. This microlot is 100% Castillo varietal.

Red Apple, Orange, Currants,
Praline & Caramel

Espresso Roast

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Up until 2016 the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation only allowed the export washed coffee. As a result, many farmers focused on mass production of coffee beans over quality, replacing unique coffee plant varietals that produced interesting flavours in favour of high yield plants. Jairo Arcila is one such farmer who, along with his two sons, has helped grow speciality coffee production in Colombia over the past few years. La Pradera is a coffee processing facility owned by Jairo Arcila that works alongside farmers to improve their coffee production and processing. Focusing on strict guidelines to ensure quality in the final product and processing the beans in alternative ways producing new and unique flavour profiles previously lost in the strict washing regulations pre-2016. This has helped spark the growth of speciality coffee production in Colombia; they now have the largest range of varietals in the world. Castillo is one of the varietals produced by Jairo Arcila in Colombia. When it is honey processed, it develops a beautiful fruity profile reminiscent of orange and currants.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Producer Jairo Arcila
Country of Origin Colombia
Region Armenia | Quindio
Processing Honey
Varietal Castillo
Altitude (MASL) 1400
Profile Espresso Roast
Flavour Profile Red Apple, Orange, Currants, Praline