• Henri Coffee Truck
  • Henri Coffee Truck
  • Henri Coffee Truck

Mobile Coffee Van Hire

Hire 'Henri', our fully restored Citroen H Van to bring an Underground vibe to your next Sydney or Blue Mountains event.

Henri is not your average mobile coffee van. Equipped with a customised La Marzocco Linear coffee machine, he not only looks the business, he makes an espresso worth fighting for.

Henri's Mission

Henri's mission is to infiltrate events and enlist coffee lovers to join the revolution against poor quality coffee. Henri will be used to promote our main blends: Klaus - the 'Red Spy' and Nancy Wake - the 'White Mouse'. Depending on the occasion we may also be serving some of our micro lot single origin coffees as well as our cold brew.

Hiring Henri

As each event is unique we ask that you either phone or email us with your event enquiry. As Henri is very old we try not to make him travel too far but can be transported on a flatbed truck for special occasions. Henri is available for the following:

  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Markets
  • Events
  • Media/Marketing


tim@undergroundcoffee.com.au or 0410 586 724

josh@undergroundcoffee.com.au or 0423275576

Restoring Henri & Our Coffee Machine

Once in Australia we handed Henri over to John Grecko at My Coffee Van to transform the interior to a functioning coffee truck, and the results have been spectacular.

As this is such a unique vehicle we thought we would need a coffee machine that complemented the entire project. After much deliberation and argument amongst our staff we decided to customise a La Marzocco Linear. The machine was sent to Melbourne to Dan at Specht Design to weave his magic. Our machine was transformed with powder coated panels, American Walnut panels and steam levers, brass trimmings and, just to top it off, shot clocks.

Enquire Now - Join the Resistance

Our Truck

Henri is the mobile command centre of Underground Coffee Roasters and is ready to serve at your special event. Henri was sourced in France then lovingly restored in London by Vintage Food Trucks.

Citroen H Vans were built between 1947-1981 and inspired by the German Junkers aircraft from the First World War. The ribbed panels would add strength without weight and required only simple and low cost tools to build.

In France H Vans are sometimes referred to as 'Nez de Cochon' (Pig Nose) or when used by the Police, 'Panier a salade' (Salad Basket), however we believe Henri is beautiful. Many restored H Vans have new motors in the trucks however we have had the original motor rebuilt.

Henri Coffee Machine